M20 Armored Utility Car
"Double Dare"

Tamiya #35234 M20 Armored Utility Car

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As far as 1:35th scale model kits go, Tamiya's is very nice and modeler-friendly. There aren't major problems to speak of while building it, encouraging the modeler to go an extra step to add more details to make their project special.

The model rewards the builder - the more you add the better it looks. It remains fun to work on throughout - beginning to end.

Not satisfied with the radio provided in the Tamiya model kit, I scratchbuilt my own SCR-506 High-Frequency Radio Set for this miniature, with Headset. Why? Because it was there, I suppose. You really so not have to go to this extent.

The extra M1 Carbines in the Fighting Compartment and Driver's Compartment came from Tamiya's US WW II Infantry Equipment Set (new). Miscellaneous spares came from my parts bin.The Engine Compartment in my miniature is a blend of scratchbuilt parts with Verlinden and Jaguar resin details. The Fuel Tank, Wiring & Cabling, some Radiator and Fan parts, and Engine Supports are mine. Jaguar's Engine, Access (Breather) Hatches, Side Walls, and 12-Volt Electrical System details join portions of Verlinden's Radiator/Fan Assembly (mated to the Tamiya rear bulkhead because I lost the resin replacement part in the accident), Air Cleaner, Carburetor, and Filter. In the end, all of it came together better than my original effort, and looked like the M20's powerplant.

Also missing from these photos are four little latches that go on the Engine Hatches. Like the buckles for the Jerry Cans & Equipment Straps, I set these little parts aside to add after taking the photos. Again, Tamiya's model kit captures the look and feel of the M20 Armored Utility Car wonderfully. The basic model kit doesn't cry out for additional detailing, so good is what's already there. Little details, like air valve stems on the tires and the other details I incorporated into this miniature only add spice to the stew Tamiya gives you ingredients for.

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