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GunTruck Studios produces high-quality military vehicle miniatures - custom built to client specifications or simple model kit build-ups. Nothing here is mass produced, I am a one-man shop, I take my time and GunTruck Studios is solely dedicated to furthering the art of scale miniature modeling. That means my primary pursuit is the enjoyment of this hobby - not price quotes and the pursuit of money! If you're interested in finding out more about my miniature construction services to begin or to fill a void in your collection - please send me a note - I'd love to hear from you! Just click on the link above the image of the Gun Truck!

About Me

I have built models professionally (meaning someone actually paid me to do it) since 1985. I am a self-taught modeler, not really knowing anything about organized modeling groups until I joined IPMS/USA in 1986. This hobby activity is a source of relaxation for me and an expression of my interest in US Military Vehicle History. I am also an avid fan of Real Space and Science Fiction subject matter, more of which will appear in future pages here on my website.

The FineScale Modeler mailer on the left showcases my Tamiya Dragon Wagon/AFV Club M18 HellCat Tank Destroyer combination. Most of the time it sits on my desk in my home office as a reminder and source of inspiration. The mailer cards appeared in 2003 and 2004 issues of FineScale Modeler magazine - and I'm thrilled to have had my model selected for something like that. Perhaps that will happen to me one day again...

As personal and family schedule permitted over the years, I have been active on both the local and National level in IPMS/USA and AMPS. In 1998, I was the Contest Chairman for the IPMS/USA National Convention and Contest in Santa Clara, California. Previously, I served as Regional Coordinator for IPMS/USA Region Nine and sat several years as President and Vice President/Contest Chairman for my local IPMS/USA Chapter. I joined (IPMS San Jose Scale Modelers formerly) IPMS Silicon Valley Scale Modelers in 1989, and am still a member. In August of 1998, in the midst of all that, I also launched this website.

I co-founded the AMPS Western Front Chapter in Northern California along with John Bergsing in 2000, and am still a happy member of this little group today. Having joined AMPS in 1998 and attending my first AMPS International in 1999, I accepted appointment to Second Vice President - US Western Region in 2004 and served in this position until 2009. At approximately the same time I began regular volunteer Docent duties assisting with weekend tours of the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation in Portola Valley, California as work schedule permits. I remained a member of the MVTF through the 2014 relocation of the core of Jacques Littlefield's Collection to the Collings Foundation in Stow, Massachusetts, and I retired due to medical conditions later that year. In 2018, I relocated to California's Central Valley and founded the 16th Chapter of the MVMA (Military Vehicle Modeling Association) nicknamed "Bradley" after WWII General Omar Bradley.

I have been a member of the excellent scale modeler's resource website since it's creation in December 2001. As one of its core members, I have served stints as Forum Moderator and Editor in Chef for the Armor Focus section of the website. From 2005 through 2009, I served as an Editor At Large on, concentrating on armor product and research material reviews, but curbed my Internet presence to devote more time to personal health and family in 2006. This continued into 2009, where I came full-circle to return to the fun of working on my website and personal hobby pursuits. Early in 2010, I returned to regular editorial duties at

Also in 2005, I realized a lifetime dream in being recognized in print, having edited portions and assisted with two reference books on modern US military vehicles, M1 Abrams at War (ISBN: 0760321531) and Hummer at War (ISBN: 0760321515) - both by Michael Green and Greg Stewart. I hope to further my experience in editing/writing for hobbyists, and continue working with Michael Green on future projects.

My primary modeling interests lie in researching US Armored Vehicles and Atomic Ordnance from the 1950's and early 1960's. Vietnam and OIF era armored convoy escort vehicles (i.e. 'gun trucks'). US Jet Aircraft of the 1950's. Pulp and "B" Science Fiction movies. Real Space and Science Fiction genres; Star Wars, Star Trek, Macross, Lost In Space and Space: 1999 to name favorites. Through it all, the hobby remains a hobby for me. I advocate having "fun" in what you choose to spend your personal time doing. If it's not fun - why are you doing it? Like any model builder - if I like it - I'll build it!

I thank you in advance for visiting my website, and I hope you've found something useful and worth your Internet surfing-time. I try to respond to all questions sent my way, time permitting. Forgive me if I don't always respond in a timely manner - life and family always comes first...

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