Federation Burke-Class Frigate (FFG)
U.S.S. Martin Luther King, NCC-405

1:3125 Scale Mongoose Publishing-Amarillo Design Bureau
Starline 2500 Gaming Miniature

2012 Jim Lewis/GunTruck Studios
All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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My second Starline 2500 miniature, Federation Frigate USS Martin Luther King started out with the thought that a smaller mini would be a faster build. Well, it didn't quite work out that way this time around...

A casualty of what had to be a hasty desire to fulfill as many orders for these new Starline 2500 miniatures as quickly as possible, my Squadron Box contained many flawed parts. My example of the Burke-Class Frigate came with two Nacelles - both starboard side - and one of them had not fully cured. It would bend and twist with the slightest of handling, rendering any attempt to clean up the other flaws useless. I sent an email to Mongoose Publishing, inquiring who I could speak to about obtaining replacements. I received a reply that same day (Monday) and by Friday of the same week I had replacements in my hands - not only replacement Nacelles, but two whole Burke-class Frigates. Neither came with the white metal Deflector Dish parts, but I happily pressed on knowing that I could replicate that detail myself later on. Posed in the photo at left with the Federation Guided Missile Dreadnought Cruiser USS Solidarity, NCC-2123, my miniature of FFG USS Martin Luther King is dressed with custom decals markings produced by Tenneshington Decals, and they really improve the Starline 2500 minis. Despite all of the problems and flaws in these resin miniatures, the fine decals turn them into attractive pieces for game play.

There are four pieces to make up the Burke-Class Frigate. All of mine, though the replacements were in better shape than the originals I received in Squadron Box #1, had multiple flaws. The Nacelles are not actually round in cross section, rather they are oval in shape. The End Caps weren't badly marred by pour gate removal, and there was only the slightest mold slippage on one of them requiring putty to help round out the step. The white metal Deflector Dish (from the original) was cast off-center and had a heavy nub leftover from the pour gate calling for careful cleanup. It's still a bit wonky, but works in the final product as the Stand mostly covers this problem. The saucer took the most effort and cleanup this time around, with the mold halves not being tightly sealed, and resultant flash of resin all around the periphery to remove. Unfortunately, this resin flashing is heavy enough that I had to remove the details around the saucer rim in effort to fill short-shot holes and return it to a round shape and profile. This too isn't perfect, but only noticeable in close up photos. I easily restored the Targeting Sensor details with a Punch & Die Set and some styrene stock. Lastly, the Impulse Engine detail was obscured by chunks of resin flash too. I cleaned it away and painted in missing detail.

Mongoose Publishing announced in February 2012 that they would undertake new measures to both increase the quantity and quality of products in this line to address concerns of players worldwide.

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