Federation Destroyer Escort (DE)
U.S.S. Halsey, NCC-595

1:3788 Scale Amarillo Design Bureau Gaming Miniature

2011 Jim Lewis/GunTruck Studios
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Finishing materials and sequence can be found here on this page.

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When it came time to select a finish for my Destroyer to add to my informal Franz Joseph Squadron of gaming miniatures, I selected USS Halsey, NCC-595 as a subject. This Destroyer Escort served the Federation Strike Cruiser USS Nimitz, as part of its task force. Since I already had the pewter USS Nimitz done, I thought USS Halsey would make a nice companion piece. Now, I think I'm going to do USS Fletcher and USS Spruance to finish off that particular task force assigned to the Federation Third Fleet. At left, posed with the pewter USS Nimitz, the size difference between the plastic-style Zocchi minis and the white metal is not too noticeable. I prefer the plastic minis, however, as USS Nimitz proved to take twice as long just to clean up and correct the warpage of the components - before even getting to finishing. Still, the pewter gaming miniatures can come out looking attractive too.

I finished both USS Nimitz and USS Halsey with extensive combat against Romulan forces in mind. USS Halsey is one seriously armed warship, and I really like the profile of the miniature heading away from the viewer, like it is heading off to interrogate some unresponsive sensor contact with extreme prejudice...



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