Federation Constitution-Class Heavy Cruiser (CA)
U.S.S. Defiance, NCC-1717

1:3788 Scale Amarillo Design Bureau Gaming Miniature

2011 Jim Lewis/GunTruck Studios
All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Finishing materials and sequence can be found here on this page.

Awards & Honors

I decided to add one more Federation Heavy Cruiser to my tribute Franz Joseph Squadron because you simply can't have just one of these awesome starships! I left the original Photon Torpedo blister detail on this miniature when I finished it as USS Defiance, reflecting a different fitting for this class of starship. The weathering is done with the same materials, just broader, reflecting a different service history. I intend to pose USS Defiance with a 1:3788 scale Space Station I'm currently working on in the near future. When I was more active gaming, USS Defiance was my "old war horse" and I wanted to finish this one accordingly for sentimental reasons. She's been through many a battle on the table top universe. One day, if I am able to hook up with a local gaming group, I'll be flying USS Defiance again...

When I finished the heavy cruiser USS Defiance, I experimented with rendering the Weapons Reception Sensors on the leading edge of the Primary Hull white instead of the suggested copper color on these ships in the ADB gaming universe. It really didn't show up well this go around. No bother, I like USS Defiance anyway and probably won't go back and either decal or paint the Sensor in...

Update: In December 2011, I decided to upgrade my gaming miniature USS Defiance with the addition of Starfighter Decals Sensors on the leading edge of the Primary Hull, four Photon Torpedo launcher & Viewport decals to the B-C Deck Housing, segments bands & warning boxes on the Warp Engine Nacelles and two Phaser mounts on the Secondary Hull above the Hanger Bay Doors to match the basic details on all the Heavy Cruisers in my little fleet. I still have outside hopes of modeling the original twelve Heavy Cruisers in this class in a constant gaming miniature scale, and wanted them to be similar in overall detail(s) early on.

Below, USS Defiance in original trim and fittings. The additions would be small, but brings it into line with the rest of my Constitution-Class Heavy Cruiser gaming miniatures.

Below, the upgraded USS Defiance with decals and additional Phaser mounts on the Secondary Hull above the Hangar Bay Doors and a set of four Photon Torpedo Launchers on the Primary Hull's B-C Deck blister.

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