TIE/Ln Space Superiority Fighter
"Obsidian One"

Fine Molds 1:48 Scale Model Kit #SW-12

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TIE/Ln Fighter
"Obsidian One"

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"If there is a grand list of "Slump-Buster" model kits out there - you know, the kind a modeler needs to build and finish to get out of a creative funk and back into scale modeling - then this kit from Fine Molds has got to be on the top of the list. ~ 2008"

Just like I wrote a few years ago, the newer 1:48 scale Fine Molds kit fills the bill to get a modeler out of a funk as well as its smaller brother in 1:72 scale.

There's really no new ground blazed here in building this one. I chose not to do anything particular in construction to it other than what was provided by Fine Molds. I didn't elect to light it either. This one is large enough to create its own presence on a display table.

I modeled my imagining of "Obsidian One", the lead ship in a squadron of Imperial aces. Obsidian Squadron was assigned to the Star Destroyer Avenger, and was the unit that pursued the Millennium Falcon through the asteroid field after the Battle of Hoth (Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back). Obsidian Squadron was also part of the Imperial Garrison force assigned by Darth Vader to hold Cloud City on Bespin. Obsidian Squadron was equipped with TIE Fighters specially modified for atmospheric flight - though they looked just like other Imperial ships of their era. Later on, Obsidian Squadron would be assigned to the Star Destroyer Devastator and took part in the fleet display hailing the arrival of Emperor Palpatine on the second Death Star (Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi) just before the Battle for Endor. In-progress photos below:

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