M8 Light Armored Car

Tamiya #35228 M8 Greyhound Light Armored Car Model Kit

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Awards & Honors

Building & Finishing

Model Update: September 2002

For its annual cleaning in Summer of 2002, I decided to weather and age Colbert a little bit more and mount it on a new display base. I concentrated on paint chipping, sunfading, and light rust & wear. US Armored Cars took a pounding in the drive across France, and, somehow, Colbert looks a little more like the actual service vehicles displaying a bit of wear. Stored in a display case, and cleaned annually, this miniature looks as good as it did in 1998. The amount of wear and distress here is high, not normally what I like to depict on my miniatures - but it was fun!

Model Updated: March 2000

Tamiya's M8 Light Armored Car, in a word, is fabulous! One of the first examples of their new molding technology, this model kit became an example to judge other manufacturing efforts against. For the novice, as well as the seasoned miniaturist, this kit satisfies all. Instead of a buildup article, I'll just note additions I made to this kit for exhibition at AMPS 1998 and Tamiya Con 1998. At right, this is my M8 paired with Tamiya's later M20 Armored Utility Car - natural stable mates. Both were thoroughly enjoyable projects.

Model: April 1998

In its original finish and presentation, I really can't remember a downside to building Tamiya's M8 Light Armored Car. Photographed here by Gary Zuercher at Tamiya Con '98, I built this model as soon as it hit the shelves - no photoetch accessories for this kit. This kit and Tamiya's new-tooled Willys MB Jeep set me out on my first US WW II AFV models and years of enjoyment with WW II subject matter.

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