Federation New Heavy Cruiser (NCA)
U.S.S. Kinshasa, NCC-1661

1:3125 Scale Mongoose Publishing Gaming Miniature

2012 Jim Lewis/GunTruck Studios
All Rights Reserved Worldwide

Finishing materials and sequence can be found here on this page.

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Either I'm getting used to putting these Mongoose Publications gaming miniatures together, or, this was one really good mini. My Federation New Heavy Cruiser (NCA) went together in record time (for me) without any hiccups to slow the process. Having never put together a NCA mini before, I admit it is becoming a favorite gaming starship too.

In keeping with the rest of my growing Federation Fleet, I mounted this mini on a Gamescience Stand. USS Kinshasa, NCC-1661 wears custom markings created by Tenneshington Decals. So far, the decal set for the NCA is my favorite from Tenneshington Decals. There are a lot of markings, and some excruciatingly tiny ones like the Photon Torpedos and the Shuttlecraft Landing Lights, and the NCA Identification Stripe on the top of the mini called for some patience and deft use of Super Sol to get it to conform to the raised detail over which it's placed. Challenging and fun, as they really dress up the gaming miniature handsomely.

The white metal minis still have the surface artifacts left over from the creation of the casting masters, and some minor mold seams to remove, but they are a marked degree above what was offered previously. A bit of careful cleanup and a pass with a wire brush in a battery-powered Dremel Tool polishes them up nicely for painting and finishing - like in the photo above of my primed NCA posed with a polished Battlecruiser miniature. Interestingly, I noted that there was a weight difference between my NCA and NCL gaming miniatures, and I don't know if this was a shift in casting medium during production. My NCL USS Repulse is much lighter than my NCA USS Kinshasa. I'll have to purchase some more in the future to see if this holds true. It ultimately didn't affect anything in the way of finishing the miniatures, aside from their heft on the flight stand.

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